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Keto Avocados Recipes.

It has not been a usual thing to find avocados in most people’s diet. These fruits are, however, very beneficial to the body. A creamy texture, a healthy fat content, and versatility is among their good qualities. Most people in their ketogenic diet use the creaminess of dairy. The use of avocados may instead be used. There are numerous benefits associated with the use of avocados by the people on a ketogenic diet. They may include lower blood pressure, weight loss and high energy. Switching to avocados is however not that easy. Some recipes, however, will make the transition, even more, creamier.

The nutritional properties of avocados are calcium, potassium, antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin B6 and healthy fats. The digestion of other foods is also increased significantly. The ketogenic meal plan should, therefore, consider the use of avocados. The keto bacon fries is the first recipe. These are prepared by using avocados and organic grass fed bacon. The best avocado type should be the one with a dreamy green color. An avocado should also be stiff enough to put on a salad. Strips thick enough to stay together are then prepared using the avocado. A half a strip of bacon are then used to wrap around the avocado. Lastly, the avocado fries are baked for 15 minutes at 425 degrees.

Cucumber and avocado salad with lime, mint, and feta, is another recipe of how to use avocado on ketogenic diet. The ingredients required are two cucumbers, two avocados, one lime, fresh mint, a small block of feta and extra virgin olive oil. Cutting the cucumber into long spices followed by sprinkling of organic sea salts is the first step. They are then set aside. The avocados are also prepared to the same size as the cucumbers. The cucumbers are then blotted after the preparation of the avocados. Coarsely chopped mint is then added, followed by a drizzle of olive oil. The last step is the addition of two tablespoons of lime juice and feta crumbles. It should be served cold.

The chocolate avocado keto pudding is yet another recipe. This is one healthy dessert. The ingredients used include one avocado, a quarter cocoa powder, ten drops of stevia, one teaspoon pink salt, and a half teaspoon of vanilla extract. Its preparation involves skinning the avocado after cutting it into two halves. The other ingredients plus the avocado are then placed in a bowl. They are then hand mixed. The mixture is then placed in a fridge. It should be then served cold with organic dark cocoa nibs.

Avocado smoothie is yet another keto avocado recipe. Avocados are great detoxifying agents when combined with turmeric and ginger. The two spices digest fully I the presence of avocado. This recipe involves the use of full-fat coconut milk. One cup of coconut milk is added to half an avocado together with one teaspoon of both ginger and turmeric. Addition or lemon or lime juice may also be done. Chia seeds and grated coconut may also be added on top of that. The last recipe is called the keto pesto hack. This involves replacing the heavy creams associated with pesto with avocados.

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