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Rules You Need To Know Of Decorating Your Walls

There are some houses that do not fully qualify as a home because some things have been neglected. Lack of artwork in a home makes it less attractive thereby making your house not feel quite like a home. You can definitely change the space in your home, especially the walls by using pictures, an unframed picture or portraits. In order to make your art seem like it was done by an expert, you need to learn some interior design secrets. What you decorate your walls with says much about you and that is why you should ensure that you do something good. When you know the right size of the art you need; then your walls will appear attractive. There is an easy guideline to adhere to if you are not certain about the size of art that you need to go for.

The guideline dictates that you know the width of your walls so that as you get the art, it should take two-thirds of wall. The same guideline is to be followed when the decoration is a piece of furniture or above a built in. Before putting the art, know the width of the furniture or the built in. Therefore, if your mantle is three feet wide, then the piece of decoration should take up three quarters of that space in order for it to look attractive. You will do your estimations better if you think of the wall as a frame that has nothing. The height at which you place the wall decor is very important. For instance, in museums where people are standing to see the exhibitions, they should be at the center and some distance above the ground.

The art will seem more incorporated in spaces such as the living room where furniture that is available is low. Low lying furniture also allows you to utilize pieces of art that have different sizes and that makes your living room to appear attractive. For the dining room pieces of art, ensure that they have been placed at a lower height so that someone can comfortably see them while they are seated. There are online videos that could help you in such instances. The third rule to consider in order to have the right wall decor is to arrange the pieces together.

To have the best display, make sure that you use gallery walls show a wide-ranging collection. It will be better to have all the pieces together and then sort them into groups before displaying them. Group the artwork according to the weight and color scheme, and those arts that appear more weighted be placed on the left. The display of multiple pieces will be easy if you first pick a piece that will be in the middle. Your art will look placed on purpose when you adhere to the above rules. Show your personality and style to your guests through art that is mounted on your walls.

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